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Travel & Experience - Tours in the Cilento

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic they will take place again from 2022 on - our popular 1-week travel & experience holidays and group tours in the Cilento.

Our hiking tour

Took place for the first time in 2017 and the participants were thrilled:

The northern Cilento: Hiking, Culture & Cuisine

Come along and accompany our experienced hiking guide Leonardo Ricciardi into the picturesque landscape of the northern Cilento. Between green hills, mountain regions and the crystal clear sea not only scenic highlights wait to be discovered.

The tours take you to the culinary specialties and particularities, solitary vineyards, young cheese makers and cultural treasures of this still authentic region in Southern Italy.

During your 1-week stay you are accommodated at family-run Hotel Antonietta in the heart of the idyllic fishing village of San Marco di Castellabate.

Discovering the Cilento by e-bike

Has been in our offer since 2018: the E-bike tour with Valentina and Francesco Moretti from Bicimania at Marina di Camerota. It is specifically for our guests that family Moretti has 'composed' 6 varied tours. 

They are for active vacationers of all ages who enjoy cycling. During short stops and visits off the route you get to know the land, the people, the history, the cuisine and the traditions of the Cilento.

During your 1-week stay you are accommodated at Hotel Calanca in Marina di Camerota.