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General information

Dear customers,

You will find on our web sites the descriptions of the objects rented by us, about which we will inform you as good as possible. Please also read the following “general information” carefully. It applies to all offers and completes the particular object and place descriptions. It is used to inform you about what is part of our service and that of the proprietors of the holiday homes, apartments, country estates and hotels, respectively. Please note explicitly that these our “general information” applies to all objects and target locations mediated by us and you may only expect what we will specifically describe in the following. The service is carried out according to this information, which we as a professional agency regard as essential. We also intend to avoid misunderstandings and spare you any disappointments.

Age of the object

This surely seems reasonable to you: There cannot only be new holiday objects. Should we not have stated a certain date of construction, you may not assume to rent a newly built object. Please note the difference between the date of construction and the date of a (partial) renovation. In the case of older objects, especially older villas, you have to anticipate furnishings from the time of construction (e.g. older terrazzo floors, older window shades and windows, stiff doors and door locks, older sanitary armatures etc.). The “ravages of time” have not passed these objects without traces. Often they take their special charm exactly from that fact. Some older objects have their own certain odour, which may subjectively be considered as “mouldy”, but which is no negative sign concerning hygiene and/or cleanliness of the object. Older houses may, particularly close to the sea and in rainy or foggy weather, sometimes be damp. You have to anticipate this local phenomenon!


Please do in no case gather from the price or the given standard (e.g. “villa” or “modern” or “high-class”) any certain furnishings. Present is, what we explicitly promise and list. Sometimes more than that, but often not. Functionality and standard of the furnishings may be simple, even if the object is high-class. One may be disappointed in a luxurious object when expecting luxury household appliances etc. Particularly lawn and or terrace furniture can differ from the object description. Sometimes they may have been replaced by the owners as this type of furniture is heavily exposed to salty sea air and subject to weather conditions. See also lawn furniture

Construction sites

Construction sites are the exasperating problem of all vacation trips. As far as we know about construction sites at the time the description is written, we will of course inform you about them in the object description. Should we become aware afterwards, we will inform you upon the arrival of your booking form or in the confirmation of booking. If a suddenly appearing construction site should turn into an actual nuisance, we are always anxious to find acceptable solutions for you by offering an equal substitution or possibly a cancellation of the contract at no charge. If construction sites are a problem for you, you should enquire with us prior to your booking. In all areas, where we offer objects, there is still construction activity going on, so that, even at short notice, the appearance of construction sites has to be faced, although in most cases no significant nuisances are caused by construction sites. Please also note the information about public undertakings.


Soft or hard, too long or too short, too narrow or too wide. There may always occur a problem here. Please always expect a local, sometimes unaccustomed, occasionally problematic furniture. For oversizes and excess weights or special statures due to illness or constitution the beds in the holiday objects are normally not suitable.

Visitor’s/Tourist tax  

At the moment, several Italian municipalities, above all at the Amalfi Coast and on Sicily, charge a so-called visitor’s or tourist tax. Payment is made by the visitor/tourist. Depending on the town, the amount charged and the underlying regulations vary. In general, however, the rate lies between € 1,00 - € 2,50 per person and per day from April through October. Children are, in most cases, charged a reduced rate or are even exempt. 


... can at times become a problem. If the proprietor of a certain object lives on the property, shares facilities or occasionally enters the property, we indicate that. Yet sometimes there are changes, due to spontaneous decisions. Mainly these are actions in good faith and originate in a different sense of neighbourhood or hospitality, or in the legitimate care for the property: Not every guest behaves as correctly as you will. If you are easily disturbed, we recommend a special consultation about suitable objects.

Grocery stores

We state those possibilities for grocery shopping which are known to us. The distances are estimates and circa statements and can vary for different stores which offer similar goods. Opening hours and assortment of goods may change at any time. Stores may also be altogether closed. Unfortunately a permanent verification after the description has been written is impossible for us. Upon your request we will be glad to get the up-to-date information necessary and will noncommittally forward it to you.


Distance indications are always circa statements. They do not always apply to the most comfortable route and cannot make allowance for changes such as detours, closings or obstacles, which appear at short notice or due to weather conditions.

Drifting sand

... is an insurmountable problem near sandy beaches. Even after the best cleaning it may “gnash” sometimes in the house, the sanitary rooms and also in the bedrooms. This is the price for sandy beaches, which also the locals have to pay!

Lawn furniture

... is exposed to great strain through use and weather. It therefore can almost never be brand-new. Particularly close to the sea, rust marks are inescapable. Functionality and comfort almost never measure up to German standards.

Smell nuisances

Odours may, just like at home, emerge anytime and anywhere, while we or the proprietor are unable to influence this. Even the siphon of your bathroom at home sometimes “gives off” unpleasant odours during certain weather conditions. In southern countries with different sanitary and sewage standards such problems are much more frequent. They are not a sign of insufficient cleaning, draining or sewage removal and usually can be eliminated by some good will and heavy airing. Please also see Age of the object.

Size of the object

Whenever the size of the objects is stated, this happens as truthfully as possible. But fanatic followers of German or local DIN standards have to be disappointed: Such kind of specification we cannot meet! We cannot and do not want to burden the price of our objects with costs for surveying work. Our statements therefore are circa statements and in most cases of property sizes, pool sizes, garden sizes etc. estimated and not measured. We indicate real areas, not effective areas. This applies especially to planted properties and those on slopes!


As far as the offered objects are equipped with heating, it is indicated explicitly in the respective description. Is such an indication is missing, you may – even in objects of higher value – strictly not count on any heating being available or functioning. Please also notice that the proprietors – especially in Southern Italy – are bound by certain legally prescribed heating periods and heating times. Thus, in Southern Italy it is allowed to turn on the heating for only a few hours on winter days. The heat insulation of the holiday homes usually does not correspond to Central European standards. Italy has to rely heavily on energy imports. Moreover, in the rural areas there is usually no central supply of natural gas. Therefore the cost for energy is much higher than f.ex. in Germany. The owner only charges the heating cost he himself has to pay.


The appearance of insects always has to be anticipated in southern countries, thus also in the target areas offered by us. This applies especially to parterre objects and does not have anything to do with the cleanliness of the holiday home.


The kitchens in our objects are furnished functionally and according to local customs. Extraordinarily comfortable furnishing you may, independently from the price of the object, only expect where we have concretely stated this. You will especially not find any fittings (e.g. dishwasher, microwave oven, German coffee maker) or be able to use them, which we have not listed explicitly in the description.


Noise sensibility is something very subjective. Our statements apply to what we consider the normal sensibility of a “city dweller”. Generally you can only expect a quiet location, when this is explicitly stated in the object description. In doing so, the statement of a quiet location can only apply to regular circumstances and not include exceptional situations (e.g. noisy fellow vacationers or neighbours, traffic detours, uncommon wind and weather conditions). Traffic on public roads varies and may be perceived sometimes more, sometimes less. Objects along public roads therefore can never be entirely quiet. Like yourself, other guests and residents have to arrive and depart and may do so at times which are unusual to you and without the consideration that you will exhibit. Please note that during the Italian summer months of July and August the large numbers of vacationers especially on the coast provide for a greater “background noise”.


"The very meekest cannot rest in quiet, unless it suits with his ill neighbour’s humour!" (F. Schiller, Wilhelm Tell). Of course we pay attention to a pleasant neighbourhood around the objects offered by us. Yet we have no influence upon the good or bad manners of neighbours and especially their activities such as barbecues, music, noise etc. Unfortunately this sometimes causes nuisances, which you have to solve yourself through kindness and diplomacy.

Public undertakings

Unfortunately during your holiday you are just as exposed to public undertakings and the probable result of noise and dust pollution, detours etc. as you are at home. It may also happen in our holiday regions. We have no influence whatsoever and cannot put them to a halt. But naturally we will inform you, if any such circumstances become known to us prior to your booking or your arrival.

Public transportation

Concerning public transportation we can only reproduce the situation at the time the description was written. Changes and failures always have to be anticipated.

Local standards, habits and traditions

We estimate our guests as being flexible and open-minded. Therefore they know that almost nothing can be like it is at home. This applies to all standards like construction standards, staircases, windows, door locks, handrails, sanitary and electric installations, telecommunications (i.a. internet), size and measure. Internet connection, for example, might be unstable or might sometimes break down. You also must not expect the same standards of cleanliness you are used to in your home country (this applies particularly to Calabria). Public life,too, is different. In southern countries especially in the summertime it usually takes place outdoors – Italy-enthusiasts highly value this.


An outdoor pool can never be entirely clean or clear. The tightrope walk between sufficient and excessive chlorine or recirculation, respectively, is difficult and is not always successful. You should not be skin sensitive and not demand hygiene standards like those in public baths at home (which often are a lot more problematic!). Sand, insects and a light “film” are circumstances which you have to anticipate. We cannot guarantee regular controls, only if we state this in the object description. A heated pool is an absolute exception and only available if so indicated. The opening times of the pool given in our descriptions can vary due to good and/or bad weather.


Protection from break-ins and theft can be guaranteed by nobody, also not by us. Locks and bolts “meeting DIN standards” or according to our ideas of safety will normally not be found. The local standards cannot measure up to German demands. This does not mean, though, that you have to expect break-ins and thefts.

Beach, beach facilities, water quality

Water quality in the Mediterranean countries unfortunately varies very much. Water contamination by tar, seaweed etc. is always possible. It also unfortunately still common practice in most countries to discharge sewage water into the sea. Concerning the indications about beach quality we can only describe how we have met the beach at the time the description was written. Due to wind and waves changes are constantly happening. Sand may be washed away, and during a heavy storm litter and seaweed may be washed onto the beach. A former sandy beach may turn into a pebbly beach. Most beaches are public beaches, which are usually not regularly cleaned and which are frequented by locals, as well. Nevertheless the Cilento coast is considered exceptionally clean – it has been awarded several prices for its high water quality. 

Please note that during the Italian summer months of July and August there may be a heavier run on the coasts and beaches, due to the large numbers of tourists.

Power and water failures

Even on holidays nothing is of course 100% reliable: Thus, power failures in our holiday objects are possible due to capacity overload of the power supply, and in midsummer a temporary failure of the water pumps can not always be avoided. Yet both are rare exceptional incidents.

Early and late season

Firstly, there are often misunderstandings here about what is meant by early and late season. This may differ from holiday destination to holiday destination. We will gladly inform you. In these periods we can often offer you especially low prices. In consequence, various limitations have to be taken into account during the early and late seasons. You have to expect that local tourist and other facilities, restaurants and stores may be closed at short notice or entirely. During the early and late season, especially increased private and public construction work has to be anticipated.