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FAQ Covid-19

Your questions concerning bookings of holiday accommodations in and journeys to Southern Italy in 2021

I would like to book a holiday accommodation in Southern Italy. What are the conditions of cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

You can cancel your booking at any time withouth giving reasons. For the 2021 travel season we have, after prior consultation with the landlords in Southern Italy, decided on adapting cancellation fees, i.e. reducing them. For our reduced cancellation fees see the 

>> Terms of cancellation for travel season 2021

What are the preconditons for cancelling my booking with Cilentano at no charge?

Free-of-charge cancellation of your booking is possible only when the services you have booked cannot be performed. This is the case when, for example, official entry bans are declared for Italy or the holiday region and when accommodation service (in general or in a specified region) is not allowed. At the time of cancellation one of the above mentioned facts must definitely be given, i.e. there must be a resolution by the Italian authorities which applies without doubt to your travel dates.

My flight / train connections have been cancelled. What can I do with regard to my booking with Cilentano?

Organizing the mode of travel from your home country and back rests with you. It is not part of the services we offer. Your booking of a holiday accommodation in Southern Italy can then, in general, after consultation with the landlord and under certain conditions, be rescheduled to another date. Should this not be possible, the booking has to be cancelled according to the usual terms.

>> Terms of cancellation for travel season 2021

I have made a down payment for my booking. Now I am not sure whether I can really start on my journey. Do I still have to settle the remaining balance?

Should you not have cancelled your booking before the date the remaining balance was due, the latter has to be settled, according to our terms and conditions, at the specified date. Should we have to make a demand for payment and should the balance still not be settled, our agency will have to, in accordance with our terms and conditions, cancel your booking and charge you with the relevant fees. For the fees see the

>> Terms of cancellation for travel season 2021

My home country has declared my holiday destination a high risk area. On returning home I would therefore have to undergo quarantine. Can I cancel my booking at no charge?

Should the landlord be able to perform the services you have booked, i.e. provide availability of the accommodation, you are not entitled to a free-of-charge cancellation. The landlord can, however, be asked for an accommodating solution to the situation. In this case we will, of course, act as intermediary.

Our best practice examples 2020: In such cases, we as intermediary have for the most part been able to reach an accommodating arrangement with the landlords. There were, in general, two arrangements: the booking price was credited in the form of a voucher for a follow-up booking; the booking could be rescheduled to another date. The final decision, i.e. whether this is possible and on what terms, always rests with the landlord.

>> For current travel information look up the information issued by the relevant authorities (e.g. Foreign Office) of your home country. 

What can I do should my holiday destination be declared a high risk area while I am there?

In this case too, you can only count on the goodwill of the landlord, be it a refund for "unused" vacation days or crediting for a follow-up booking. We never tire of passing on to our partners in Italy possible solutions in favor of our guests. The final decision is, however, not ours, but rests with the landlord in Italy, your contracting party.

What happens if I fall ill with Covid-19 at my holiday destination?

Should you be tested positive for Covid-19, everything will go the way it would at home: the health authorities are informed and you have to quarantine at your holiday destination, i.e. at your accommodation.

Our tip: a travel insurance which covers this case.

Should I take out travel insurance for my journey?

Absolutely - and mind to take it out in time before your journey! Look for an insurer who offers enhanced cover for Covid-19 and make sure that coverage includes the following cases in particular (based on the experiences we gained during the first "Covid-19 season"):

  • One travel party falls ill with Covid-19. Diseases/illnesses which are considered pandemic are normally not insured. Enhanced coverage for Covid-19 is therefore very important.
  • You fall ill during your holidays and you and your travel companion(s) are put under quarantine at your holiday destination. Should an extended stay then be necessary, the insurance should cover the additional expenses.
  • You are put under quarantine at home by the authorities before (you can start on) your journey.

What is currently required regarding entry to Italy?

For entry from the EU and the Schengen area (Great Britain and Northern Ireland excluded) you need to present a negative PCR test result no older than 48 hours or an antigen test. If documentation of such a test cannot be presented, you are put under quarentine upon entry. You also have to inform the Italian health authorities of where you are staying at. Should you be traveling by bus, train, ferry or plane you have to fill in a declaration of arrival, sign it and hand it over to the carrier.

>> For details and updates look up the official site of the relevant authorities (e.g. Foreign Office) of your home country. 

What are the current regulations in Italy and at my holiday destination concerning Covid-19?

Italy' regions are at the moment categorized according to the traffic light system - Red-Orange-Yellow. Apart from that there is a 22:00 h to 05:00 h curfew.

  • Red means de facto lockdown with strict regulations concerning mobility as well as bans on entry and departure. You are allowed to leave your house/apartment only with good reason. Should your holiday destination be designated a red zone during your stay there, you are, however, allowed to leave and return home, to your main residence.
  • Orange: Mobility is limited to your own municipality/commune; should the number of inhabitants lie over 5,000, mobility is limited to a radius of 30 km.
  • Yellow means free mobility within the yellow zone. Bars and restaurants are open until 18:00 h.

For the time being, categorization is in general updated every two weeks.

Covid-19 is a pain in the neck!

Yes, the pandemic is a real pain in the neck for us, too! But what's the use?! So, keep up your courage, your optimism and your health!

No responsibility taken for the correctness of the information. January 07th 2021.