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Travelling information

By train

Rail connections from Germany to Southern Italy are excellent. For example the fastest way from Munich (Southern Germany) to Pisciotta-Palinuro only takes about 18 hours. There is a motorail train to Naples. Apart from that you can also take night trains (NightJet by ÖBB), regional and Intercity trains. The fastest connection by Euro-Night (daily scheduled) takes the route from Munich via Austria to Rome, from where Italian trains continue on to Pisciotta-Palinuro.

Information about the NightJet at ÖBB - Austrian Federal Railways

Our guests from Austria can take the Euro-Night from Vienna to Rome.

Our guests from Switzerland are recommended to take the night train from Milan to Pisciotta-Palinuro.

High-speed train connection from Milan (Frecciarossa)

You can reach the Cilento from Milan (Milano Centrale) quickly and conveniently by taking the Frecciarossa. From May 10th to October 13th 2019 there is a direct connection to the Cilento on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The high-speed train stops at:

Bologna Centrale - Florence (Santa Maria Novella) - Rome (train stations Tiburtina and Termini) - Napoli Centrale - Salerno - Agropoli (Castellabate) - Vallo della Lucania - Pisciotta-Palinuro (only on Fridays) - Centola (only on Saturdays and Sundays) - Sapri.

The high-speed train ride from Milan to Centola takes 6.5 hours.

Car rental at Naples, Salerno, Centola or Pisciotta-Palinuro (see below).

Cilentano recommends going by train, which is environment- and climate-friendly.

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By car

Since all Italy is covered by motorways, the South can be reached quite easily and quickly. Motorway Rome-Salerno-dir. Reggio Calabria - Exit Battipáglia (ca. 20 km behind Salerno). Take the main road SS 18 from Battipáglia which - passing Paestum - leads directly to Agrópoli. Take the coastal road (dir. Castellabate) or the carriageway down to Futani.

For an exact road map, we recommend the web site of  


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By plane

A suitable destination would be Naples. Some carriers for example Air Berlin offer direct flights to Naples Airport. Alternatively, many airlines offer flights with transfer at Milan or Rome.

Take over responsibility for the climate - fly atomsfair

The emissions of one passenger on the outward flight from "London - Heathrow" to "Naples" and return create the climate impact of about 840 kg CO2, from New York about 4780 kg CO2.

You can save this amount of CO2 in an atmosfair climate project for 20,00 Euro respective 111,00 Euro and receive an atmosfair certificate.
Click here for further information www.atmosfair.com

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Rental Car Service

We will be glad to help you organise a rental car in Naples or Salerno in cooperation with Sunnycars. Low-price offers incl. insurance!

To the rental car reservation

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Car rental from Centola (train station close to Marina di Camerota), Pisciotta-Palinuro (train station) and Marina di Camerota:

Rental prices and conditions (pdf)

Car rental from Castellabate, Agropoli and surroundings: Antares '91. Please contact us for a quote or further information.

Car rental at Pisciotta: Discover Cilento, person to contact is Mrs. Simona Chirichiello: 0039 0974 973555.

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Local transportation

Especially during the summer months it's possible to get around by bus. Please note that the tickets usually are sold at the so called Tabacchi stores (kiosk) and not aboard the bus. Below you find some usefull bus connections and timetables:

CSTP-buses that run between the various towns in the Cilento ("Feriali" = timetable on working days; "Festive" = timetable on holidays)

Naples airport - Pompeii - Salerno - Paestum - Palinuro - Marina di Camerota (Cilento Bus, valid from June 01st - Sept. 15th)

Salerno (station) - Paestum-Capaccio - Agropoli - Santa Maria di Castellabate - San Marco di Castellabate - Acciaroli (harbour)

Agropoli - Santa Maria di Castellabate - Montecorice - San Marco di Castellabate - Pioppi - Casalvelino - Vallo della Lucania

Ascea Scalo (station) - Velia - Casalvelino Marina // Ascea Scalo (station) - Ascea Capoluopgo - Vallo della Lucania // Ascea Marina - Vallo della Lucania (July & August, on Sundays only underlined bus connections run) >> Bus connections from August 31st

Ogliastro - Castellabate (San Marco; Santa Maria) - Lago - Annunziata

Pisciotta-Palinuro (station) - Caprioli - Marina di Camerota (valid until June 08th 2018)

Vallo della Lucania -Centola (train station) - Palinuro

Sapri (station) - Lentiscosa - Marina di Camerota - Caprioli - Pisciotta-Palinuro (station) (valid until June 08th 2018)

Pisciotta-Palinuro (station) - Marina di Pisciotta - Pisciotta 

Bus connections at the Gulf of Policastro // Villammare - Sapri - Scario


Italian bus timetables - explanation:

(Periodo) invernale - winter timetable (usually mid September - mid June)

(Periodo) estivo - summer timetable (usually mid June- mid September)

Valido dal... al... / in vigore dal - valid from... to.../ valid as of

(Orario) feriale - on workdays

(Orario) festivo - on Sundays and holidays

Andata / Ritorno - journey there / journey back

Scolastico - on school days

Vacanze scolastiche - school holidays

Escluso (estivo, domenica etc.) - excluded (not during summer, not on Sundays etc.)

Lu - Ve (Lunedì - Venerdì) - Monday - Friday

Sabato, Domenica - Saturday, Sunday

Percorso - route

Cambio vettura a... - change bus at...

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Transfer from Naples airport/ Naples central station/ Salerno main station to the Cilento

We will be glad to organize for our clients transfer to the Cilento from Naples or Salerno. From May 01st to September 30th, agency Infante (Marina di Camerota) offers this service several times per day.

The destinations are the following:

  • Marina di Camerota (harbor)price per trip: 40 EUR (1 pers.), 70 EUR (2 pers.), 80 EUR (3 pers.), 90 EUR (4 pers.)
  • Palinuro (Bar Trivento) – same price as Marina di Camerota
  • Pisciotta (Piazza Pinto) - same price as Marina di Camerota
  • Train station Pisciotta-Palinuro - same price as Marina di Camerota
  • Marina di Casalvelino (harbor) - same price as Marina di Camerota
  • Pioppi (maritime museum) - price per trip: 40 EUR (1 pers.), 80 EUR (2 pers.), 90 EUR (3 pers.), 100 EUR (4 pers.)San Marco di Castellabate (Bar Torretta) – same price as Pioppi
  • Agropoli (Bar Zanzibar) - price per trip: 30 EUR (1 pers.), 60 EUR (2 pers.), 70 EUR (3 pers.), 80 EUR (4 pers.)
  • Paestum (Zona Laura and Agri Paestum) - price per trip: 30 EUR (1 pers.), 50 EUR (2 pers.), 70 EUR (3 pers.), 80 EUR (4 pers.)
  • Train station Sapri - same price as Marina di Camerota

Last update January 2019. We will be glad to send you further price offers upon request.


Please book your transfer at least 2 weeks in advance. Payment for the transfer has to be made 4 days in advance at the latest by PayPal or money transfer to Agenzia Infante. The details for payment are provided by us. Payment is confirmed by the Infante agency and a bill is issued (in English).

On the day prior to your journey, you are contacted directly by the Infante agency and informed about your pick-up time at Naples/Salerno. You are also informed about the name and telephone number of the driver. Waiting time onsite is in general 1.5 hours at the most. 

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