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Sea, grottos & diving

Il mare del Cilento – the sea of the Cilento displays all its diversity and shades during a holiday in the National Park.

There are countless grottos along the Cilento coast. Divers, too, get their money’s worth.




Sea, grottos & diving

Il mare del Cilento – the sea of the Cilento displays all its diversity and shades during a holiday in the National Park.

There are countless grottos along the Cilento coast. Divers, too, get their money’s worth.



Grottos and diving

There are countless grottos along the Cilento coast: over 30 at Cape Palinuro, innumerable rock caves in the surroundings of Scario, the sea caves of Marina di Camerota

Divers, too, get their money’s worth: There are diving schools at Marina di Camerota and Palinuro which offer equipment for rent and “visits” to grottos.

Boat tours

Excursions to the grottos, boat trips and fishing at sea provide for variety during your holiday.

From Marina di Camerota you can, for example, make the following excursions to sea grottos and secluded beaches with Gerardo’s fishing boat:

  • Visit of Grotta Azurra, Grotta delle Sanguine and Cala delle Ossa at Cape Palinuro with a stop to swim at the wonderful sandy beach of “Buon Dormire” which is accessible only by boat. Time: ca. 4 hours´.
  • Trip to Porto Infreschi: visit of Grotto degli Infreschi; refreshing swim at the sandy beach of Porto degli Infreschi, a natural harbour which once offered shelter from storms to fishermen. Time: ca. 3 hours.
  • Lamperata: fishing at night off the southern coast at Marina di Camerota and afterwards barbecue of the fish that was caught on the sandy beach of Porto degli Infreschi. Time: 4-5 hours. Departure: between 20 – 21 h.

From Scario you can also explore the coast by boat towards Porto Infreschi.

Be it with one of the local fishermen or with one of the excursion boats: the wild beauty of this untouched and unspoilt coastal area belonging to the core zone of the National Park is simply fascinating.

Several small sandy beaches and secluded bathing bays offer cooling refreshment in the shimmering cobalt blue, crystal clear water.

The Saracen watchtowers, the bizarre world of cliffs and the countless grottos typical for the Cilento accompany you during your boat trip.

Some of the grottos are accessible with a small boat. Their mysteriously shimmering light need not shun comparison with the famous “Grotta Azzurra” of Capri.

From May to mid October, boat tours and diving courses are organized from Maratea Porto. It is also possible to visit several fascinating lime stone grottos which are accessible only from the sea.

Picture gallery with photos of a boat tour from Scario towards Porto Infreschi...

A fishing tradition that is centuries old

A special fishing tradition which is centuries old is still alive in Marina di Pisciotta today: "alici di menaica". On calm nights between April and July, the fishermen take their 8 m wooden boats (menaide) out to sea to cast their nets (menaica) which are 200 m long and knotted in a special way.

Why don’t you accompany the fishermen out to sea! Departure around 19 h at the harbour of Marina di Pisciotta; duration: 3-4 hours depending on the weather and the catch; the price of € 20.- per person (children: € 15.-) includes an anchovies dish on board (incl. wine and water); minimum number of participants: 4; registration with Mr. Franco Puglia, mobile number (0039) 340 – 33 80 231.

Experiencing the sea with Cilento Adventures

In June 2013, six associations from Marina di Camerota decided to form the cooperative Cilento Adventures. During the summer months, from June to September, its members are waiting to show you the most beautiful faces of the Cilento.
Be it on foot or on horseback into the hinterland, in a sailing boat along the breathtaking coast or deep down into the colorful underwater world, Cilento Adventures provides the variety you might seek during the summer holidays. The harbor of Marina di Camerota is the starting point for the large number of activities offered.

That is where elegant ZION II lies at anchor, a sailing boat which takes you along the coastline between Punta Licosa and Maratea. The fishermen and their small boats await you at the harbor, too. They are happy to acquaint vacationers with the way their grandfathers already used to go out to sea.

Follow the divers of Diving Center Marina di Camerota down into the depths of the sea and discover the underwater world. Subterranean rivers, caves and a statue of Padre Pio are waiting to amaze you. Should you want a bit more thrill, then turn to the freedivers of Apnea Porto Infreschi.

Cilento Adventures is found at the Visitors Center, the so-called Centro Visite, at the harbor of Marina di Camerota.

More information and a few delicious tidbits to take home can be acquired at Mariella’s Bottega Principe at the harbor.