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Buffalo farms Tenuta Vannulo & Barlotti

Taste the exquisite buffalo mozzarella from the plain of Paestum at the two buffalo farm we have visited and selected: Tenuta Vannulo and Barlotti.


Buffalo farms Tenuta Vannulo & Barlotti

Taste the exquisite buffalo mozzarella from the plain of Paestum at the two buffalo farm we have visited and selected: Tenuta Vannulo and Barlotti.

Buffalo mozzarella - unique taste

It is inseparably connected with Italian cuisine – creamy mozzarella di bufala. Meanwhile, we, too, love to add it as an ingredient to Mediterranean dishes. However, what is here mostly made from cows’ milk cannot measure up to the products of the cheese dairies at and around Paestum.

The taste of fresh buffalo mozzarella is unique: an unbelievable richness in flavor delights your nose and palate - ranging from an intensive milky flavor to a slightly sour touch and nutty traces.

Tenuta Vannulo

Tenuta Vannulo is, far beyond its home region, the best known buffalo farm and cheese dairy of the northern Cilento. Since 1996, Vannulo has been specializing in producing buffalo mozzarella, ricotta and yoghurt on an ecological basis. The buffalo farm is ICEA eco-labeled (Istituto per la Certificazione etica e ambientale).  

For its cheese, yoghurt and ice cream, Tenuta Vannulo processes its own buffalo milk only. 300 kg of mozzarella and fresh ricotta are produced every day – and, if there is enough milk, smoked provola, salted ricotta and cream cheese are produced, too. The use of machines is out of the question – these southern Italian delicacies are made by the experienced hands of the qualified „casari“ only.

The water buffalos

The mighty, black water buffalos play the main role at country estate Vannulo. Altogether six hundred, they pace leisurely across their pastures, bathe in the large basin, enjoy being brushed in their 'showers' or seek shelter in the shade of the large tin roofs, always ruminating.

Even the animals’ feed is organically cultivated solely on the Tenuta's 200 hectares. Furthermore, the water buffalos are treated homeopathically only.

The modern milking technique used is particularly gentle. The animals follow their natural rhythm, 'deciding' when they want to be milked. 

On your tour across the country estate, you might stop at its small agricultural museum, where equipment from various epochs is on display and offers insight into the rural and farming traditions of the region.

The history of Tenuta Vannulo

Vannulo was one of the first farms in Campania to be certified by the A.I.A.B. – Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica. Antonio Palmieri, the owner of the country estate, has declared it his aim to keep the mozzarella from degenerating into a mass product and to set up quality standards.

In 1988, he succeeded his grandfather as head of the buffalo farm, which was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. Since taking over, he has been setting value on growth and modernization without losing sight of the gentle treatment of nature and the animals.

Guided tour & degustation

When visiting Paestum, you should not miss out on an extensive visit to the farm. Its delicious products are sold only there.

You can explore the „empire of the buffalo“, visit the various production sites and watch the „casari“ at work. It is particularly fascinating to watch them deftly plucking (Italian: „mozzare“) the mozzarella from fist-size lumps of cheese. Degustation afterwards is possible also. Furthermore, you can visit the estate's museum and leather production.


Guided tours only in the mornings until 11.30 h at the latest; all year round (not in rainy weather, not at Easter)
Min. 2, max. 20 persons; duration ca. 60 min
Individuals and groups up to 8 pers.: lump sum of 40 EUR incl. degustation of bocconcini (small mozzarella balls)
Groups of 9 pers. and more: 5 EUR/ person incl. degustation of bocconcini
Registration in time is asked for at +39 0828 727 894 or info@vannulo.it (Mon-Sat 8.30-13.30 h)
Tenuta Vannulo – Azienda Agricola Biologica Antonio Palmieri – Via G. Galilei (Contrada Vannulo) – 84040 Capaccio Scalo (SA)

Barlotti Caseificio

Buffalo farm and cheese dairy Barlotti counts among the oldest agricultural enterprises in the plain of Paestum. It was founded around 1900 and, for quite a while, breeding water buffalos was something done 'in-between'. It was not until 1991 that it changed its structure and turned into a buffalo farm and cheese dairy only.

Offer & philosophy

Like Vannulo, Barlotti sets value on the concept of sustainability and uses only the milk of its own animals to produce creamy white mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and other exquisite types of cheese. Ice cream and yoghurt are also included in Barlotti’s line of products and sold at the farm’s shop.

Besides a very well-assorted shop, where buffalo meat is offered for sale, too, there is a small, modern restaurant with a cozy outdoor terrace on the country estate. You can be sure that vegetables, meat and cheese are home-grown, home-produced and of organic quality.

The history of Barlotti Caseificio

Founded by grandfather Raffaele, then run by his son Nunziato until 2003, the family enterprise is now run by Raffaele’s three grandsons Raffaele, Enzo and Gaetano. The area around the Sele river, once Magna Graecia for the Greek, is the ideal habitat for the water buffalos.

The three heirs focus solely on sustainable farming and husbandry. That is why the family enterprise is also a member of the Consorzio Mozzarella di Bufala campana dop. The feed for the grown-up animals and the calves is 100 % organic and grown on the fields of the Azienda. 

The water buffalos can follow their own rhythm and are not subject to tight milking hours. The fresh milk is processed within 12 hours – into cheese and other delicacies. By the way, for one kilogram of mozzarella you need four liters of the precious milk. 

Mozzarella & ricotta

Azienda Barlotti’s mozzarella is characterized by a sweetish and gentle taste and the fresh smell of milk enzymes. The specialty of the house, and very recommendable, is its creamy and very tender ricotta, the recipe for which has been passed on from one generation to the next.

Guided tour & degustation

Should you have come to Paestum to visit the majestic Greek temples of ancient Poseidonia, do take the time to stop by the buffalo farm of family Barlotti, which is located in the immediate vicinity.

During the tour you get to see the stables and the working places of the cheese makers. For hygienic reasons, you can watch them plucking the mozzarella only through the large windows. If desired, degustation is possible at the end of the tour. You can also have lunch at the estate’s trattoria.


Guided tours in the mornings until 11.00 h; in English; daily
Duration ca. 60 min; always groups of min. 7 persons formed
Tour: 4 EUR/ pers.; degustation: different kinds, from 8 EUR/ pers.
Registration in time at +39 08288 111 46 or tour@barlotti.it
Barlotti Caseificio - Via Torre di Paestum 1, 84047 Capaccio-Paestum (SA)