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Individual gourmet tour

From a culinary point of view it is full of surprises - the small region of the Cilento, as a national park known up to now above all to active and bathing vacationers.

Organic & Slow – Attributes which, in many places there, characterize agriculture and cuisine and which are part of the Cilentan way of life.


Individual gourmet tour

From a culinary point of view it is full of surprises - the small region of the Cilento, as a national park known up to now above all to active and bathing vacationers.

Organic & Slow – Attributes which, in many places there, characterize agriculture and cuisine and which are part of the Cilentan way of life.

Culinary discovery tour through the northern Cilento


At Paestum, the northern gate to the Cilento, visitors already get to know a real delicacy. The creamy, white buffalo mozzarella is produced the traditional way in the ca. 500 km² Sele plain. It counts among the most fertile areas of Campania and offers an ideal home not only to the impressive water buffalos, but also to modern organic enterprises, dairies, olive oil producers and winegrowers.


The Cilento is also considered the cradle of the „Dieta Mediterranea“. It has nothing to do with fasting, but with healthy and balanced 'feasting'. It was the extraordinarily old age of many Cilentani which, in the postwar years, started the American dietician Ancel B. Keys on his studies of the Mediterranean cuisine in general and the Cilentan cuisine in particular. To his dying day in 2004, he lived in the small coastal town of Pioppi, where he contributed in launching the „slow food“ concept.


Be it in exposed location or hidden in small alleys – in today’s Cilento, charming slow food restaurants everywhere keep the idea of the Mediterranean diet alive.

Also committed to this philosophy – Hotel e Ristorante Da Carmine at Ogliastro Marina, which is known for its excellent fish cuisine. Located right at the seaside and including a private beach, Da Carmine is the perfect starting point for our individual gourmet tour through the northern Cilento.

Program - Monday to Saturday

1st day: Arrival and supper at Hotel Da Carmine in Ogliastro Marina (Castellabate). Your first culinary impression of the days to come is 'accompanied' by a view of the sea and of the striking headland of Punta Licosa.   

2nd day: In the morning, a visit including small degustation is scheduled to certified organic buffalo farm Tenuta Vannulo at Paestum. Close to the gentle water buffalos, you witness the way creamy buffalo mozzarella is produced.

The Azienda Agricola was founded by grandfather Antonio Palmieri in the early 20th century, cheese dairy Vannulo was then established in 1988. Right from start, the family put great emphasis on the sustainability and quality of their products.  The mozzarella is, of course, very popular, but modern 'creations' like buffalo yoghurt and buffalo ice cream are steadily gaining.  

Our tip: Visit the Greek temples of Paestum. A stroll across the excavation site and a visit to the adjoining archaeological museum top off your excursion to Paestum.

Today’s supper is served at fish restaurant Perbacco in Santa Maria di Castellabate. As the restaurant is located at the wonderful town beach, you can watch the daily evening buzz of activity in the former fishing village while savoring antipasto, primo, secondo and dolce.

3rd day: At Prignano Cilento, family De Conciliis invites you to taste exquisite Cilento wines at their winery. What started off as father Alessandro’s hobby in the 50ies, has been run on a professional basis and very successfully by his children Bruno, Paola and Luigi since 1996.

Between Agropoli and Prignano the grape varieties Aglianico (red wine) and Fiano (white wine) are grown, which are typical for Campania and the Cilento. For the first time now, since 2015, purely organic wines have been maturing in the impressive stainless steel and wooden barrels.  

Our tip: After a wine tasting, it might be good to get a bit of fresh air. Not far from the vines, a scenic hiking trail runs from bathing bay Baia di Trentova south of Agropoli to Punta Tresino and further on to Santa Maria di Castellabate. The hike is worthwhile above all because of the fantastic views of the Gulf of Salerno to the north and of Punta Licosa to the south.

Your supper is served at Hotel Da Carmine. 

4th day: Your morning today is dedicated to the Fichi Bianchi del Cilento, a DOP product. At modern and elegant Azienda Santo Miele in Prignano Cilento, they perform magic with the white figs – creating delicacies which you can, of course, taste.

The name Santo Miele refers to the name of the place where the grandfather of today’s owner, Antonio Longo, founded the business in 1930. Antonio has been running it since 1999 and has moved it to an old oil mill outside of Prignano.

In September, the figs are harvested by 32 local small-scale farmers. By hand, Antonio’s 15 employees then create what you can truly call works of art with the dried figs.

In the early evening, Luisa Cavaliere welcomes you at her B&B and Ristorante La Giacaranda in San Marco di Castellabate. Luisa is a passionate slow food cook and has been offering individual cooking courses for many years. Today you can take an active part in cooking. While preparing supper with Luisa, you get to know more about the culinary traditions of the Cilento.

5th day: This morning, it is the liquid gold of the Cilento that takes you to San Mauro Cilento and to Cooperativa Nuovo Cilento. At the modern facility, olive oil, one of the main ingredients of the Italian cuisine, is produced by pressing the olives. Details about the processing are passed on to you during a short tour of the facility and the degustation at the end.

Our tip: The small fishing village of Pioppi in the heart of the Cilento has more to offer than you might expect at first glance. Palazzo Vinciprova houses one of the most frequented museums of Campania. Museo Vivo del Mare covers two floors and displays the colorful underwater world of the Cilento coast in a total of 12 aquaria. On the second floor, there is a permanent exhibition on the topic of the „Dieta Mediterranea“, which is dedicated to the life and work of Ancel B. Keys. 

At Pioppi, your evening meal is served at modern fish restaurant Suscettibile. The grandfather of cook and owner Antonio Morinello was a very close friend of Ancel B. Keys. After spending many years in the USA, Antonio finally returned to Pioppi, realizing Keys’ principles with his unusual and extraordinary 'creations'. Almost as fascinating – the large terrace of the restaurant with a view of the setting sun.

6th day: After 5 days of, as we hope, enjoying the culinary delicacies and the beauties and particularities of the Cilento, it is time to say goodbye to Ogliastro Marina. Of course, you can prolong your stay at Hotel Da Carmine, if you want.


Family-run Hotel e Ristorante Da Carmine lies on the southern bank of the charming headland of Punta Licosa and directly at the (private) beach. It is quite well-known in the Cilento for its excellent cuisine.

The four friendly Verrone brothers have made of their small Cilento hotel a place where you can feel at ease, enjoy and relax. Hospitality has been a matter of heartfelt importance for four decades.

The comfortable and tastefully furnished rooms include Sat-TV, free WLAN access, safe, air conditioning, mini bar, hair dryer, bathroom with shower/WC/bidet and balcony.

Services included:

  • 5 nights in a double (DR) or single room (SR) with balcony including breakfast
  • Costs for the guided tours of the enterprises and the degustation
  • Cooking course with evening meal at Luisa Cavaliere‘s
  • Evening meals at restaurants Da Carmine, Perbacco and Suscettibile (3 courses, 1 bottle of water, house wine at Da Carmine and Suscettibile)

Prices per person:

Dates Prices DR Prices SR Availability
Sat, 02.09. - Sat, 21.10.2017 Prices DR 705 EUR Prices SR 765 EUR Places available

Further particulars:

  • Important! The first day of the tour is always a Monday.
  • Journey to the hotel as well as transfers to the agrarian enterprises and to the restaurants are not included in the price. Private or rental car is necessary.
  • Guided tours and degustation are in English. 

Individual extension of your holiday:

  • Double room: starting at 50 Euro per person and day including half board
  • Single room: starting at 60 Euro per day including half board

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Information concerning your journey:

Should you plan to go by train (night train), the specialists of Titanic Reisen will be glad to help you organize your journey (favorable group pricing, couchettes and sleepers…). Tel.: 0049 30/61 12 97 97. E-Mail: titanic-bahn@web.de. Travel destination is the train station at Salerno. We will gladly help you organize a rental car at Salerno. 

From Naples airport you can also take a rental car to the Cilento. We recommend booking a rental car – while still at home – with our partner Sunny Cars. Just a few clicks take you to a survey of the best offers including insurance.